Sunday, 22 May 2011

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Apparently Vernon had big ears!

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How not to cite reference/credits

When you're giving credit for inspiration or a move you are using, it's common practice to cite the original source. If the move/idea is lost to antiquity then cite the most accepted classical source material for learning. (eg, when referencing the overhand shuffle controls you could cite Erdnase or The Royal Road). Whatever you do, under no circumstances cite your own published material as a credit/learning reference for someone elses work. This is rude, unethical, disrespectful and perhaps worst of all; confuses the magical record. In addition, don't put the credits at the end like a begrudged unwanted afterthought, put them at the start, or in the body of the text in whatever context demands their inclusion. And another thing! Try not to insult the originator by saying their creation was crap, hence the need for your 'improvement'. Eg, 'Vernon's routine though brilliant was repetative and the method too overly transparent to be believable, my new handling elevates the antiquated humdrum routine into a modern masterpiece.' Fuck off!

To highlight how not to do this, I've spent a brief couple of minutes flicking through a couple of books (and I use that word loosely) by Paul Gordon. Here are some examples below.

'Whilst Fiddling with the deck, reverse the 8C to third from top using Harry Lorayne's RTP move. (See Protean Card Magic for more detail)'

'This is reminiscent of Psychotronic Rides Again from Nocturnal Creations' (cite the original source not your own variation of it!)

'Using the James/Ellis Unloading Move (see Nocturnal Creations for a fuller description)'

'using J.K. Hartman's Secret Subtraction; described elsewhere in this book'

'Strip them out using Dingle's No-Lap Switch (I've described this many times. See, for instance, Eureka in Protean Card Magic.)'

'Using J.K. Hartman's Secret Subtraction. (See Protean Card Magic for a full description.)'

'Using Vernon's Strip-Out Addition. see Jim Swain's Don't Blink (1992) for a good and complete description of this move.' (what?)

'I believe Jerry Sadowitz has a similar routine which may, or may not be, in print.' (oh really, so you didn't think to, I don't know, maybe ask first before sending the book to the printers? How do you know it even adds anything of merit if you've never seen it?)

'False shuffle (see the Complete Jog Shuffle)'

'My handling irons-out a couple of problems which, if you think about it, are quite blatant in Jennings' original'

This post was brought to you by Jonathan Townsend's moustache and the number 4!