Monday, 6 June 2011

Handling idea for a Dan & Dave trick!

I was meditating under the protection of Jonathan Townsend's moustache recently and the moustache gods vested upon me a great insight, or something. For it is written...

This is a small handling change to Dan & Dave's excellent 'Hedberg's Peak' from their 'Trilogy' DvD. It removes the need for the intial displacement and the double lift and makes the transposition a visual one. It's actually a very small handling change but it condenses about 4 moves into only 1 so I think it's worth mentioning. Anyway, if you don't know the original trick these notes wont be of much use to you as I'm not going to bother explaining the trick or the effect.

Rather than doing the intial displacement, simply start with the top card face up. Turn the deck over to show the other card. Now as you turn the deck over execute my 'instant inversion' move from 'More Derivative Pish' (apologies if you don't know this, if you're interested send me an email). Now, simply finish as per Dan & Dave's original, though I feel the Paul Curry handling of the move they use here is more fitting.

I'm actually not a fan of their style of card magic but I think this is a brilliant trick, you should definately have a look at it.


At 6 June 2011 06:38 , Blogger paul said...

Just a little thing
headburg --> hedberg's
Furthermore I've sent you an email.

At 6 June 2011 07:26 , Blogger Bong said...

Thanks for the correction, spelling amended. :)


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