Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hi Harry

Glad I made your day, Tenchu. Actually not my quote - although I agree with it wholeheartedly. I was in Europe that August as I was every August in those years. I had someone working for me, who shall remain nameless, who was in charge of checking my computer and had my permission to take orders, respond, etc. He went into this diatribe with Mr. Bingham. I admit to being stupid, but not THAT stupid - saying things like that in print. (But let me repeat, I agree with it wholeheartedly (simply would have said it in different terms) - you haven't seen the lovely emails Mr. Bingham sent to my computer.) Anyway, my "worker" (friend) was fired because of it. He did keep Mr. Bingham's lovely emails to which he responded (he showed me all; bragged about his responses! Was probably drunk - I did see some of my liquor bottles at half full!), but I deleted them. Some of his (Bingham's) profanities and, more importantly, stupidities, he of course neglects to mention. All water under the bridge, but his bringing it up doesn't surprise me at all. HL.

If you'd like me to repost all my 'profanities and, more importantly, stupidities', of which there were none; I'm more than happy to repost the entire exchange. Maybe it would help you with your denial issues.

'Think about it'.

Coming soon(ish)

If I can find the time I'll be posting up some miscellaneous card notes and maybe a write up of an in the hands false cut.

Fractal insults.

John Pillocksi slagging me off now, another Paul Gordon lover (and therefore clearly an idiot). Starting to see a pattern here.

Must be nice to slander people in a public forum when you know the person you're insulting has no way to respond to it.

On the off chance that he reads this, feel free to tell me the identical material with references so that I can redress any credit blunders. Which I have done in the past, and that's more than can be said for your idol.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Quick trick

Here's a quick trick I've been doing that's neither original nor clever. It is however, quite fun to do. I've used abbreviations for the more obvious moves.

DL and show. DTO, lose top card in deck. DL again showing a second card. Use Bill Goodwin's handling of Roy Walton's Paint Brush change to visually transform it into the first card.

Toss the card aside and drop the deck on the table. Use the Benzais spin cut to apparently cut the other card from the middle of the deck.


And now a note from our sponsor...


lol, still makes me laugh.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Double speak

Just found this thread. Interesting post by Barry Allen

I think his blog died a couple of years ago.

To be honest, I did purchase a couple of his booklets and they weren't very good. He was a very competent card handler (evident from his video clips) but his material consisted of bog standard effects achieved with a raft of overly complicated sleights to achieve the desired outcome.

I did find this strange given that Euan was always attacking others for publishing material that consisted of other people's effects albeit using a different 'modus operandi'. Ironically, his own efforts consisted of just that! - Barry Allen Sep 25 2010

That's funny I could of sworn this guy sent me an email raving about the booklets he bought from me. Oh wait, he did! Here it is...

Got home last night around 1am after a pretty good show with adrenaline still pumping; dunno if it was the gig or some C**t that nearly put me into the centre reservation of the M25 half hour ago!

Poured a large scotch and opened a packet on the side that dropped through my letterbox Thursday morning having travelled down from Scotland.

Inside two small books; nothing that looks too 'wow' but they look nicely put together (most often, its these kind of books I enjoy most; good material doesn't need glitz and glamour production).

Well what more can I say Mr. B other than 7 hours later, a few more scotches and 20 B&H, I've now got to crash out but not before having read some of the most inspiring and creative card magic material that it's been the pleasure to study for a very, VERY long time.

I had you all wrong mate; I thought that you are a card nut that simply focussed on magician's magic with little idea of what works in the real world. I've never doubted your skill; I've seen your clips on your site. However, I didn't think you ever worked commercially....maybe you don't. Nevertheless, can I just say that I've spent 7 wonderful hours getting half pissed and smoking myself to death reading some of the most commercial, workable material it's ever been my pleasure to study.

I can't stay awake any longer but just wanted to drop you a quick eMail Euan and offer my thanks. 'She who must be obeyed' won't be too happy as she wanted to go Christmas shopping at 9......oh well.

Listen, if I don't get the chance to write before the holidays have a great one mate. Rest assured, I'll keep reading the site and no doubt purchase your remaining works early in the New Year. I prefer to take time working through things rather than buying for buying sake but there are certainly 3 workers I've read that will be used shortly.

Sincere regards and thanks Euan.

Barry Allen
EssexCardSharp Dec 17, 2006

Empty praise though, being that one of his magic idols is Paul Gordon. Of course, he could have been taking the piss (and I'm sure that's what he'll say if he sees this) either way, he's still a ****!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


If anyone has a copy of Hofzinsers Card Conjuring, the OOP dover edition, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands for a fair price.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Dirty little secret

It's crap like this that makes me embarrassed to tell people I practice Magic.