Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Deja Poo

Sad to see Steven Stool up to his old tricks again. Sadder still to see the majority of people praising him for it, yet again. Somehow I'm not surprised at his response to the justified complaints; self important sarcasm and condescension seem to be his only two operating modes.

Ah well, with Jeebus on his side he can't fail!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

There's no sign saying what I should do!!

As a hack never-was magic author I often tend towards the assumption that the reader will be intelligent enough to grasp the obvious behind what isn't explicitly stated, simply by looking at the context of whatever it is I'm writing about. For example, If I were to write 'put the deck down for a moment', I'm assuming most people aren't going to be asking themselves 'put it down where?'

Sadly, I've found that, time and again if people aren't given every detail, no matter how insignificant or obvious they simply assume that detail doesn't exist. This presents me with a conundrum, do I dumb down my writing and laboriously spoon feed every sentence with a big plastic ladle, complete with bib and airplane noises? Or do I just ignore the idiots and keep side stepping the obvious?

This is generally why I prefer British publications over American (not all of them obviously, there are many excellent ones) as American authors tend to over explain things which should be blindingly obvious.

Here's a stereotypical American magic snippet...
'Place the deck face down in your left hand, the hand should be palm up, the fingers cradling the deck from below (see fig1), be careful not to hold the deck too tightly as you would appear tense. Resist the urge to dribble as you do this. Gently turn your left hand over, while retaining the deck in said hand, now place the deck on a working surface (this could be a close up table, a floor if you're performing informally for friends, or the head of a sleeping cat if you own a cat)...'
And here's the kind of writing I prefer...
'Place the deck aside face down.'
I just know there's at least someone reading this wondering where 'fig1' is. I can't stand wading through pages of waffle to find out the tricks crap! I know my tricks are crap, so there's no need for me to waffle, it saves time and effort on the readers part and stops me getting RSI from too much typing!